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Youth Exchange ‘Ice Wonders’

In the Ice Wonders project, young people led by the Ice Team (Vice-Champion and winner of the Guiness-Record) learnед how to create Ice Sculptures. The scluptures were presened in front of Dresden’s public on Saturday the 16th of February on Hauptstraße next to the Golden Rider’s statue. During the workshops the participants learned the methods… Read more »


“European Youth in Fire” Youth Exchange

(Български) За 10 дни (между 12 – 23 септември 2010) в Дрезден се състоя младежки обмен на хора, които водени от професионалисти жонгльори и циркови изпълнители развиваха своите артистични умения. Целта на проекта бе младежите да подготвят Гала шоу, като част от част от Burning Bizarre Convention…. Read more »


European Cupola United

In the period of 1-10 March in Dresden took a place o a meeting of young people from Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Germany, in which they learned artistic basics, guided by professional circus artists. This project offered the young participants a platform to spend their leisure time with each other in a cultural and… Read more »


“Food for Thought” Porject

(Български) В периода 24 април – 5 май 2009 г. в Торино, Италия се събраха 55 младежи от 8 страни за да изградят междукултурно разбиране, базирано на традиционната за различните националности храна, вариантите на приготвяне и отношението към готвенето и храненето. Проектът призовава към здравословно хранене и начин на живот…. Read more »


The Absurd in the Daily Life

Between14 – 24 November 2003 youth from Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Germany and Lithuania gathered in Bucharest, Rumania to discuss the absurd situations which we can encounter on a daily basis.
The project aims to present, through the means of art, the different view points at absurd situations that are part of the hectic everyday life of young people…. Read more »