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Art in movement project

От 9 до 19 септември 2013 в Майсен, Германия, център Алос взе участие в международният младежки обмен „Изкуство в движение“. В проекта се включиха млади артисти от България, Германия и Унгария. В продължение на десет дни те работиха в уъркшопи свързани с кинетична скулптура, трансформация на средата, редизайн на велосипеди, мозайка, и др. Като изходна… Read more »


Urban Europe

Urban Europe was a common project between the Milan e.V. (Dresden, Germany) and ALOS from Sofia, Bulgaria and was funded by JUGEND IN AKTION. During the two week period, participants had a chance to take part in Wall Painting and Street Art workshops. Here they learned new methods and techniques as well as how to… Read more »


Youth Exchange ICE WONDERS II

Youth Exchange ICE WONDERS was a nine-day project from 8 to 17 Feb. 2013, where 25 young people from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Germany gathered to attend ice sculpture workshops. The workshops were led by professional workshop leaders, the Kandulski Ice-Team from Poland and the final aim of this youth exchange was an… Read more »


Youth Exchange „E(uropean) Cupola United 3.0 – Cabaret International“

„E(uropean) Cupola United 3.0 – Cabaret International“ was a project about juggling, fire performing, acrobatics, clowning, pantomime, theatre and music which gave the opportunity to young people aged between 18 and 30 to use their creative skills and participate in a variety of workshops according to their preference. Therefore, thirty young people from Bulgaria, Czech… Read more »


Youth Exchange „The Art of Social Work“

Youth Exchange „The Art of Social Work“ In the time between the 2nd and 17th of June 2012, a group of young Bulgarians with an interest in art visited Dresden to meet a group of social work interested German youth. The main point of the project was the social integration of people in need. The… Read more »