European Cupola United

logoIn the period of 1-10 March in Dresden took a place o a meeting of young people from Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Germany, in which they learned artistic basics, guided by professional circus artists. This project offered the young participants a platform to spend their leisure time with each other in a cultural and social exchange and it became the source of further activities in co-operation with different European institutions.

Activities and results:

Within this international youth exchange, the 45 young participants spent ten days together in Kinder Circus KAOS in Dresden. They took part in different workshops and had a presentation at the 10th edition of Juggling Convention. The youngsters attended workshops in clownery, artistry, balance training, juggling, acrobatics and other spectacular performances through workshops and training activities. They worked together and brought in their own ideas with the final aim to make and to present a performance “The great CHAOS – SHOW”. A group of young artist visited “Knirpsen – Wiese” Kinder Garden where they made two performeces for the kids.
During the workshops they had the opportunity to train together, to exchange their experiences and to advance their skills. The feeling of cooperation got stronger because they also spent their free time together and they got to know more each other’s cultures and languages. As a result, they developed a great understanding and tolerance towards different mentalities and cultures.
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The „Jugend- und Kulturprojekt e.V.“,
This project was funded by YOUTH IN ACTION Programme.