Artists for the Nature Initiative

The Initiative was held in February and March and presented by CIECA Alos independent music label MISSSKIN.NET. It involved recording a song and a video clip with participating artists from various musical groups. The goal was to encourage people to express their opinion about the problems of environmental protection and loss of biodiversity. The specific reason that initiated this musical project was the unauthorized and illegal construction in protected territories in Rila mountains, Bulgaria. The project goal was to allure more people for the cause on protecting the environment and biodiversity.


The song was recorded in Grafitti studio. The formation “Artists for Nature” included a diverse group of musitions. The text was written by Dimitar Dobrev and the music composed by Vesselin Vassilev. The video clip and the efforts of the NGO Coalition for the Nature, Bulgaria, provoked a lot of people and community groups to express their position on the subject of environmental protection in Bulgaria.

The results were fascinating: and the community support of the campaign and the petitions is high –


Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Bulgaria


Yordanka Dineva, ecologist, Coalition for the Nature, Bulgaria:

“The environmental protection campaigns become more successful when they got out of the circle of professional ecologists and expand with the innovating ideas, energy and activities of different civic groups. The results are even greater when participants think beyond the eco theme and attract a wider and more energetic audience with stronger support for the environmental causes.”