Leisure Time and Health in Rural Areas

2006_Ispania0The project Leisure Time and Health in Rural Areas was a cultural exchange between Spain and Bulgaria. It took place in Serradilla, central Spain, between 4-12 December 2006. The idea was to find meaningful ways to spend leisure time for young people leaving is small towns and villages and ultimately help the alcohol and drug abuse prevention. The project was focused on some key reasons for the presented problems such as lack of enough alternatives, offering healthy occupations; weak motivation for spending leisure time in constructive activities; following a bad example due to boredom or just curiosity.


During the exchange interactive role games were used to recognize and cope with problem situations. The project also included a visit to a drug rehabilitation center and a lecture about the most popular youth problems and risks. The participant prepared a short performance on the topic and presenting to the local people the abuse problems, they managed to provoke community commitment.


Mancomunidad Riberos del Tajo“, Spain


Center for Informal Education and Cultural Activities – Alos, Bulgaria


Youth Programme


Liuben Kuleliev:

It is impressive how close are Spanish and Bulgarian temperaments and the problems with abuses of the people from smaller villages. We have tested a model offering an alternative occupation and provoking a community commitment trough the means of art, and I believe this is one of the possible solutions.

Maya Antova:

I’m impressed by the courage of the Spanish partner to lead the whole project using mainly Google translator! I wish we could have their vigour.