Art – Universal Language for Communication

06_Art_univesal_lang01A leadership forum between twelve European non-governmental organizations, working in the field of youth activities and art, was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 13 and 16 April 2006. The main goal of the meeting was to expand the partnership collaboration between European youth groups focused on the informal approach of education through art.


As a result from the meeting ongoing work relationships between the participants were created and future common project activities were planned, assigning leaders and time-tables.

  • Each organization shared good practices and experience of informal education trough art;
  • The participants discussed the role, status and methods of the informal education
  • The participants discussed and outlined specific future projects
  • The participants broadened their personal experience and qualification

A brochure sharing the results of the forum was created and published. It outlined the organizations common goals and some opportunities for future common projects.


Art in Action Association, Bulgaria


Center for Informal Education and Cultural Activities – Alos, Bulgaria

Community Center Assclepion, Bulgaria

ArtPerspective, Romania

Offener Kunstverein e.V., Germany

Schlos Trebnitz Bildungs – und Begegnungszentrum e.V., Germany

KUNST-STOFF e. V., Germany

EKZE, Germany

LAG kulturpradagogisher Einrichtungen Brandenburgs e. V., Germany

Meteor Kunst e. V., Austria


Associazione Culturale Teatrale “Residui Teatro”, Italy


Youth Programme


Orlin Dvorianov (President of Art in Action Association):

We thank the partner organizations for accepting our invitation and participating in this meeting. In the following years after the discussions in the seminar we were able to realize nine joint projects in the field of art education, beneficial to a lot of young people in our countries.