Breaking Stereotypes of Being European

2005_EstoniaIn the period of 25 March – 3 April 2005, in Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia youth from Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria gathered together to challenge the stereotypes, provoked by the dilemma to be or not to be European. The project is conceptually linked with the gradual expansion of the EU. At the time of the initiative, Estonia and Lithuania are newly accepted members of the EU, while Bulgaria and Romania acceptance is still to come. The focus was on the different mentalities, stereotypes and prejudices in all of us towards the other ethnics. They are rooted in the cultural, geographical, historical and linguistic specifics, determining the contemporary way of living.


Activities were in the field of informal art education aiming to provoke youth’s expression in the new European context. The interpretation about their attitude to stereotypes was realized in a workshop on art installation. In social-role games the participants had a chance to experience different point of views, reactions and opinions, placing the participants in someone else’s shoes. The common topic was “Expectations and challenges of European membership, facing each one of us”.


Estonian UNESCO Youth Association


Youth Programme