Urban Europe

Urban_Europe_10Urban Europe was a common project between the Milan e.V. (Dresden, Germany) and ALOS from Sofia, Bulgaria and was funded by JUGEND IN AKTION. During the two week period, participants had a chance to take part in Wall Painting and Street Art workshops. Here they learned new methods and techniques as well as how to implement their own ideas. Common meals, city trips and parties were an important part of the colorful program. Slowly, our project house and its surrounding environment exploded with life through the works of individuals and teams alike.


Wall Painting

Guided by Ingo R. (artist, Dresden) and Prof. Orlin Dvoryanov (Sofia University) the young artists developed layouts and concepts for their paintings. From the main entrance all the way up to the third floor, the paintings, which reflect the special character of the house, grew together.

Street Art

Using the works of famous street artists, Luise Marbach (artist, Halle/Saale) and Dobrin Atanasov (Sofia University) showed to the participants how to apply techniques that are non destructive and thus perfect for any public space.

Project Venue: Dresden, Germany

Project duration: 29.04. – 12.05.2013

This project is funded by the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme