Youth Exchange „The Art of Social Work“

plakat_060612Youth Exchange „The Art of Social Work“

In the time between the 2nd and 17th of June 2012, a group of young Bulgarians with an interest in art visited Dresden to meet a group of social work interested German youth. The main point of the project was the social integration of people in need. The aim of the project was to have the participants exchange ideas and knowledge with the ultimate goal of enabling them to reach people in a different way. But also to give the participants information, provide skills and “best practice” models about art and culture as a tool for independent and creative working with people in need.

Through the youth exchange process, “The Art of Social Work” promoted active European citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity amongst youth.

On Thursday, 14.06., was the presentation of results and the entire project with live music and  performance for all the participants and the audience!

Project Venue: Dresden, Germany

Organizer: „Milan e.V.“, Dresden.

Project duration: 2 – 17.07.2012

This project is funded by the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme