Our Mission

To create an appropriate cultural and social environment for a fulfilled, complete life in Bulgaria.

To achieve its aim, Alos center works on:

  • Creating educational alternatives for artists’ training, creating audiences and promotion of cultural context.
  • Stimulating and providing exchange between artists, cultural managers, NGO, institutions and business to maintain cultural networks.
  • Strengthening the international cultural relations by promoting the exchange of cultural products, artists and students in the field of arts and culture.
  • Optimization of informal educational practices in the field of art education for children and young people and introducing contemporary means of expression , forms and opportunities for self-expression.
  • Logistical and administrative support of alternative cultural production.
  • Applying the means of art to overcome social isolation of communities and disadvantaged people.


The association operates in the following directions:

Cultural policies, cultural management, cultural education

This direction includes organization of the artistic expressions, festivals and public events, aiming to expand the existing cultural range of the country. Alos center supports debut performances by young artists, assists in their training and provides the organizational support of their public appearances.

The association creates informal educational platforms for artists’ training, creating audiences, initiates educational cultural events, and promotes alternative cultural spaces.

The organization works in close cooperation with artists, cultural and educational institutions, NGOs and business.

Social campaigns and work with socially disadvantaged people and communities

This direction involves campaigns aimed at solving currant social problems; fundraising and implementation of activities related to promoting social adaptation of socially disadvantaged people. The target groups are children deprived of parental care, people with disabilities, drug or alcohol addiction. Alos center efforts to raise the level of qualification of the social workers (social workers and support staff of specialized centers and homes and social institutions), offering training aimed at extending their competencies in using various artistic practices. The team believes that the functioning of social systems and organizations depends greatly on the qualifications and motivations of the professionals working in them.

Alos center annually organizes charity campaigns to support the social adaptation of people with disabilities.

Work with young people

The activity of Alos center in this direction is connected with the organization of international and regional youth projects in the field of informal education, where the main pedagogical tools are the various art forms. Applying the means of art the team stimulates the social activity of young people, in creating opportunities for artistic expression and exchange of ideas and experience. The organization works primarily with students studying artistic disciplines as well as young people with an interest in visual and performing arts. Alos center is in a partnership network with youth organizations in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and other countries.

The association periodically sends groups to participate in international youth exchanges, initiatives and training in different European countries under the ‘Youth in Action’ EU program.

Music publishing and producing

Alos center legally represents the ‘MISSSKIN.NET’ independent music label. The label operates in the field of non-commercial music production and publishing, supports logistically and organizationally independent music projects and artists, and creates events aiming to develop the alternative music scene.

Educational and consulting services

Alos center performs a range of educational and consulting services, consistent with the needs of its target groups.

The main areas of activity of the center are:

  • Mediation and consultations on establishing connections between local, national and international representatives of NGOs.
  • Organizing and conducting workshops, training seminars and conferences.
  • Establishment of educational programs and adaptation of foreign educational models from the field of informal education.
  • Supporting interaction between Bulgarian organizations and international programs and structures.
  • Research, analyses and publication.
  • Preparation of documentation and presentation materials for the activities of institutions and NGOs.

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