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European Cupola United

In the period of 1-10 March in Dresden took a place o a meeting of young people from Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Germany, in which they learned artistic basics, guided by professional circus artists. This project offered the young participants a platform to spend their leisure time with each other in a cultural and… Read more »


“Food for Thought” Porject

(Български) В периода 24 април – 5 май 2009 г. в Торино, Италия се събраха 55 младежи от 8 страни за да изградят междукултурно разбиране, базирано на традиционната за различните националности храна, вариантите на приготвяне и отношението към готвенето и храненето. Проектът призовава към здравословно хранене и начин на живот…. Read more »


Music under a Handful of Stars Festival

On 29 and 30 of August 2008 in the mountain town Gabrovo, Bulgaria a jazz-rock festival “Music under handful starts” was held. This event had the ambition to become the first youth jazz and rock festival in the region. The success of the festival, combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and cultural specifics and traditions in the region are good base for further support…. Read more »


Artists for the Nature Initiative

The Initiative was held in February and March and presented by CIECA Alos independent music label MISSKIN.NET. It involved recording a song and a video clip with participating artists from various musical groups. The goal was to encourage people to express their opinion about the problems of environmental protection and loss of biodiversity…. Read more »


Green Danube Initiative 2007 – Danube Traditions

Green Danube Initiative aimed to motivate people to appreciate and protect the natural and cultural heritage on the valley. In the context of this long-term international initiative, all the countries in Danube Basin celebrate Danube Day (29th of June) with different fests and activities…. Read more »