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My time, my place

(Български) От 17-ти до 20-ти април в Национална гимназия за приложни изкуства „Тревненска школа“, гр. Трявна се проведе пленер за млади художници „Моето време, моето място“…. Read more »


Youth Exchange ‘Ice Wonders’

In the Ice Wonders project, young people led by the Ice Team (Vice-Champion and winner of the Guiness-Record) learnед how to create Ice Sculptures. The scluptures were presened in front of Dresden’s public on Saturday the 16th of February on Hauptstraße next to the Golden Rider’s statue. During the workshops the participants learned the methods… Read more »


Light and Motion

(Български) На 12-ти и 13-ти декември 2011 г. в Национална гимназия за приложни изкуства „Тревненска школа” ще се проведе трети пореден етап от проект „Паралелни стъпки, паралелни пространства”. Той е насочен към запознаване на участниците с кинетичното изкуство и опарта…. Read more »


Christmas at home 2011

Thanks to the many small and big ‘present-givers’, who took part in the charity campaign ‘Christmas at home’, Alos Center, collected 136 kg. toys, books, movies and clothes in partnership with the Sofia private kindergartens: PK “Little Steps”, private kindergarten and school “Drita” and the children’s daycare kindergarten “The little Grapevine”. They were diligently sorted, packed and sent to children deprived of parental care in Specialized Homes in northwestern Bulgaria (the neediest region in the country)…. Read more »