The Absurd in the Daily Life

127-2776_img_jpgBetween 14 – 24 November 2003 youth from Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Germany and Lithuania gathered in Bucharest, Rumania to discuss the absurd situations which we can encounter on a daily basis.

The project aims to present, through the means of art, the different view points at absurd situations that are part of the hectic everyday life of young people.

The particular psychological and art research shows how and to what extent one is prepared for the unforeseen situations permanently encountered, what the tolerance level is and which the most spontaneous and natural reactions to these situations are.


The participants joined workshops of pantomime, photography, theatrical improvisation, scenography, art installations and dance performance. It was a challenge for the artistically inclined participants, who have never met before, to form a team in 10 days and work together on the group performance. The success of the performance is mostly due to the leadership and management skills of Studio 24 which specializes in performing arts and also Center Alos which specializes in art installations and photography. The achievements of the workshops were shown in an exhibit and performance to the public in Casa de Cultura, Bucharest.


Studio 24, Bucharest, Romania


Youth Programme