Parallel Steps, Parallel Spaces Project

“Parallel steps, parallel spaces” Project is cultural and educational initiative, aimed to young artists and students in visual arts. The main purpose is to support artistically education in Bulgaria and to compensate gaps in the theoretical and practical fields, that educational institutions are not able to fill. Initiated to create educational platform in the field of non-formal education – to get acquainted with the processes, trends and shapes in modern and contemporary art.

The project is realized by Centre for Informal Education and Cultural Activities  ALOS, with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation , National school of fine arts “Tryavna art school”, Tryavna, National school for applied art “Prof. Venko Kolev”, Troyan and National school for applied art “Sveti Luka”, Sofia.


Sorry, this entry is not fully available in English yet. You can check out our photos and videos. Workshop for , Instalation Art Parallel Spaces project realization. Time: August 2017 Place: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria Photos: